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Pretrial/Companies/New Technologies

Shadowtrack is a cellphone app that has tracking capacities. In the wake of the pandemic many parole and probation deparments have implemented this technology both as a way of getting people out of jail and leaving behind the traditional ankle monitors. According to a report in The Guardian over 11,000 in Virginia were placed on Shadowtrack monitors. The company claims to have voice recognition software that can tell if a person has consumed drugs or alcohol.

Immigration/EM and the Law/Companies

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a suit on February 22nd, 2021 against Libre by Nexus, a Virginia-based company that pays bail bonds for people held in Immigration Detention. The suit alleges that the company then put people released on electronic monitoring devices for which they charged the client $14 a day. The fees for the monitor, along with other charges, the suit maintains often amounted to an annual interest rate of 57%.

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