Key Highlight: Sarah Hanna gives birth while on EM

Case Studies



In Houston in 2019, local EM company Guarding Public Safety repossessed the ankle monitor of a person charged in a murder case, leaving him unmonitored for two weeks. The company took off the monitor because the man was unable to pay the monitor fees. He ended up back in jail for being “at large.”


In Pipe Creek, Texas, a pregnant Sarah Faye Hanna was placed on EM as a condition of her probation for a drug possession conviction. Hanna was forced to wear the monitor through childbirth, despite Texas’ ban on the shackling of women during labor. To make matters worse, a nurse at the hospital contacted Child Protective Services, who then investigated Hanna and her husband, questioning their fitness as parents because of the hospital report. Fortunately, they were able to keep the child.


In this video, Jose Santos Garcia an immigrant from El Salvador describes life on EM under ICE.

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