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Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza (Formerly Asamblea de Derechos Civiles)

Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza is a MN faith-based org that organizes peoples in struggle to build leadership and collective power to change the structures and policies that oppress migrant peoples

New Sanctuary Coalition

Founded in 2007, New Sanctuary Coalition (NSC) is a multi-faith immigrant-led organization that creates support systems for and empowers those navigating the immigration system. We do this by bringing together citizen volunteers and immigrants – our Friends – to achieve two primary goals: equip Friends with the knowledge they need to navigate the immigration system and lead the movement, and train and mobilize citizens and faith leaders to support and fight alongside our Friends, advocating for urgently needed changes to the system.

Families for Freedom

Founded in September 2002, Families for Freedom is a New York-based multi-ethnic human rights organization by and for families facing and fighting deportation. We are immigrant prisoners (detainees), former immigrant prisoners, their loved ones, or individuals at risk of deportation. We come from dozens of countries, across continents. 

Aspiration Tech

Aspiration is a values-driven nonprofit technology organization. Our work, our passion, and our focus derive from a set of philosophies that come down to a single unassailable conviction: technology and technologists should be in service to nonprofits and their missions, not the other way around.

Movement Alliance Project (Media Mobilizing Project)

Movement Alliance Project (formerly Media Mobilizing Project) works with movements to communicate and organize to win. MAP amplifies the voices of communities fighting for justice, equity and human rights. Through media production, training and advocacy, Movement Alliance Project builds relationships of solidarity and mutual support.

Global Action Project

Global Action Project’s mission is to work with young people most affected by injustice to build the knowledge, tools and relationships needed to create media for community power, cultural expression and political change.