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Challenging E-Carceration


Law enforcement agencies are increasingly presenting high-tech tools like electronic monitoring and algorithms as solutions to mass incarceration. But these digital tools are false solutions and only amplify the racial bias that already exists in the criminal legal system.

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Mrs. Martha Wright-Reed sits in a wheelchair surrounded by press.

Prison Phone Justice

For more than a decade, families have been calling for relief from the high price of staying connected to their loved ones behind bars. From the price of a simple phone call to the exploitative charges for video visitations, families are often forced to choose between other needs—like food and power—and regular contact. Meanwhile, the phone providers and the correctional facilities are making huge profits by maintaining these electronic barriers.

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Image Description: A photo of a Black woman raising her first at a protest fades into a photo of a police surveillance camera.

Drop Police Tech

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are adapting to the digital age in ways that extend the powers of the United States’ already racially biased criminal legal system. We demand more transparency and less policing.

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