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Electronic Monitoring Hotspot Map

MediaJustice’s Challenging E-Carceration project has been researching national trends and local struggles involving electronic monitoring (EM) and other punitive technologies for several years. This map highlights our findings. Hover and click on states for information on how e-carceration is being implemented there, and how people are fighting to abolish it. You can read more about EM and COVID-19 in our special bibliography, or get more information from the complete list of MediaJustice’s publications on e-carceration. We also have a list of EM companies for your reference. If there is something in your community that should be added to the map, you can let us know by filling out our map intake form. Learn More Add Data

Internet for All

Access to the Internet is a racial, economic, and gender justice issue. From repealing Net Neutrality to cutting the Lifeline program, the conservative right is attacking our right to communicate. Through our campaigns and coalitions—including the national Voices for Internet Freedom coalition—MediaJustice represents communities of color in the fight for an open, affordable, and secure Internet.

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No More Mergers

AT&T and Verizon control about two-thirds of the mobile market, and they’ve found that ignoring the needs of people of color on low incomes is good for their bottom line. Their dominance at the top has long pushed other carriers, like T-Mobile and Sprint, to focus on the communities being left out. But now T-Mobile and Sprint are planning to merge in order to challenge those higher end brands, which means poorer communities of color are getting thrown under the bus.

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