MediaJustice is proud to present its first ever documentary, Deeper Than A Div/de, premiering April 30th. Watch the documentary on our YouTube Channel.

he COVID-19 pandemic exposed many systemic issues in the United States. When the world moved to online for remote work, virtual learning, and just about everything else in our lives, the Digital Divide became a gaping chasm for those unable to move their work and lives online. The internet wasn’t just nice to have— it’s a human right. It affects how we work, how we learn, how we mobilize. A team of MediaJustice staff traveled to Utica, Mississippi to interview community members directly and collected their stories, photos, and video, culminating in our short documentary: Deeper Than A Div/de.

Deeper Than A Div/de explores the Digital Divide in the Black Rural South through the eyes and voices of the community of Utica, Mississippi, as they navigate a post-pandemic, remote, online world with no accessible internet. What did this community want to see in the state of Mississippi do with the federal broadband funds? Why do they believe communities in the Black Rural South experience such persistent disconnection and divestment?

Want to learn more about the Digital Divide? Have questions about how to close the Digital Divide in your communities? Deeper Than A Div/de Viewing Guide provides context, resources, and discussion questions to help facilitate conversations in your communities that might be experiencing the Digital Divide.


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