We are seeing our copaganda work grow and transform to the needs of our Network. In Minneapolis, our Network member Line Break Media developed trainings based off of our Copaganda Clapback materials to analyze misinformation on Palestine and fighting misinformation in local elections. 

A few months ago, our Network member 18 Million Rising asked us for collaboration to bring the Copaganda Clapback curriculum to Asian American communities. Through that partnership, we connected with our allies at the Asian American Disinfo Table at the Disinfo Defense League and the Xin Sheng Project to continue our train-the-trainer series. On December 6, 2023 MediaJustice co-facilitated the workshop with our partners. We led with questions like, “What can we unpack about our various cultural views on policing? And what is our stake in fighting back against harmful policing narratives?” We explored #StopAsianHate narratives, examples of copaganda predicated on anti-Blackness in the Asian American community, and ways for us to show up in solidarity through narrative interventions. This extension of our curriculum includes a thorough breakdown of why #StopAsianHate and hate crime narratives are harmful tools of copaganda and police militarization. You can view and download the materials shared at the workshop below. 


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