Key Highlight: Rapper Meek Mill on EM

Case Studies



The case of Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill, who was ordered to wear an ankle monitor after a judge said he violated his parole, drew lots of attention to the abuses of mass supervision and e-carceration. Philly activist J. Jondhi Harrell spoke at a rally in Philly for Meek Mill in June 2018 when the rap artist was about to be released on EM. (starts at 1:50) He told the crowd, “when Meek leaves this building and he goes home, he’s still not free ‘cause he’s wearing an ankle bracelet, and that’s virtual slavery. That’s a shackle. You put that on a slave. … That’s the new slavery. They make your house into a jail cell.”


Philadelphia community activist J. Jondhi Harrell, after serving 18 years in federal prison, refused to be released on an ankle monitor. For him the monitor was the “mark of a slave,” which he refused to accept. You can listen to his story here.

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