Key Highlight: Company turns off monitors of people who didn't pay fees

Case Studies



In 2019 Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring (TRM) turned off the ankle monitors of 20 clients, claiming the individuals owed them fees totaling $31,000. According to EM program regulations, if people fall behind on payments, the company is supposed to have them surrendered to the court, which would then decide what to do with them. The state has an Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund which is designed to kick in when people cannot afford the payments. The county had apparently not applied to be a part of this fund. The company shut the monitors off for eight hours but agreed to turn them back on once ordered to do so by a judge.

EM and the Law/Pretrial/Post-Prison

In 2018 the Tennessee state legislature passed HB 0849 which provided funds for the use of GPS monitors on individuals accused of certain “domestic assault crimes or stalking.”

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