Allow us to reintroduce ourselves: Team MediaJustice has refreshed its look to recommit to winning in our 10th anniversary year.

This new site is built around our core project, the MediaJustice Network, and the core digital rights issues and campaigns that we’re fighting to win. It features the stories and voices of the racial justice change makers in our network, an online resource center, information on today’s most pressing media and digital civil rights issues, analysis of current events, and ways to get involved in the movement—along with so much more!

Our updated look marks a new chapter for MediaJustice, but it’s one rooted in the victories of the past and the grassroots organizing that has built this national movement for digital civil rights over the past decade. That’s part of the story we hope to capture with this new site, which intentionally centers Black and brown faces battling for a future in which we are all connected, represented, and free.

As we continue to make moves during this celebratory and transitional year, we’re also looking to our community for support. Pitch in $10 today to help sustain MediaJustice for another 10 years!

Thank you for continuing to build with us and for joining us in this fight. 

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