Steven Renderos is the Executive Director of MediaJustice, a national racial justice hub fighting for a future in which all people of color are connected, represented, and free. As MediaJustice’s long time Campaign Director, he has led a number of high profile campaigns like the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice, which lowered the cost of prison phone calls nationwide. Steven also led efforts to win the nation’s strongest Net Neutrality rules, blocked the merger of Comcast and Time Warner and pressured Facebook to ban white nationalists on their platform. Steven came to the organization through the MediaJustice Network, helping recruit and grow the network to its current size of over 100 member organizations. 

A native of Los Angeles, Steven grew up in an immigrant household at the height of anti-immigrant fervor in California. The propaganda campaign that fueled the passage of Proposition 187 in the mid-90s motivated Steven to seek out a career to challenge media bias and democratize communications for immigrants, people of color and other communities at the margins. He’s the co-founder of Radio Pocho, a DJ collective in Minneapolis, MN which seeks to reclaim cultural roots through music. 


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