Shubha Balabaer is the Director of Operations at MediaJustice.  They are responsible for co-creating the scaffolding necessary for MediaJustice to achieve its mission. Shubha brings their experience as an engineer and an artist to that role—finding the beauty in human-centered systems. Prior to this role, Shubha was the Director of Technology at the Center for Court Innovation where, among other things, they were influential in understanding and communicating the damage that electronic monitoring and risk assessments have. Shubha’s career has been meandering, including a stint as a public radio producer, some time working with local media producers in rural Nepal, and helping young people in NYC obtain a specialized immigration status through the SIJS Project. They have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University. They are a writer, performer, and crafter, with a particular love of fabric art and live in Brooklyn, NY.


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