Rumsha Sajid is the National Field Organizer on policing and surveillance with MediaJustice. She brings 7 years of experience as an organizer, facilitator, and coalition builder. Prior to MediaJustice she worked as a youth organizer cultivating the leadership of Black and brown teens through political education and public art projects in rural West Michigan. She was a Research Fellow with the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition supporting their political education and research to abolish the surveillance of families by child protective services in Los Angeles. She has also worked as a community land trust organizer working alongside people at risk of displacement in Oakland. She earned her BA in English Creative Writing from Kalamazoo College with a focus on Black feminist literatures. She also earned her Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA where she studied the criminalization of unhoused people and collaborated with 14 labor unions on how to develop a just transition with pandemic emergency funds. She draws a great deal of her knowledge from the community organizers who first trained her— her mom and aunties who taught her the meaning of mutual aid at the age of 12. Using both her formal and informal education, she moves through the world with a deep respect for youth and elders. In addition to her organizing, Rumsha is a poet and teaching artist.


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