When we sat down to register for this year’s Allied Media Conference, we froze—between the Media Justice League (MJL) and Local782, we have 12 people who want to go.  

And a seriously tight travel budget.  

And a limited time to fundraise.

As panic set in, we grabbed coffee and put our heads together.  How can we raise $3000 to transport all 12 people in time to have them all make it to the conference?  What would people rally around to the extent that even our most budget-conscious supporters would be able to participate?

Sitting in our office, surrounded by Apple products, the idea was a no-brainer.  What would the media-centric geeky-chic MJL team raffle off except the latest, coolest, tech trinkets?

With the buzz surrounding Apple’s newest release growing by leaps as fans and naysayers alike dissect the product, we chose to do it: we jumped on the iPad bandwagon.  

You want one, too?  We’d love for you to buy a raffle ticket.  

The Media Justice League (MJL) are diverse media justice organizers collaborating with communities, advocating for social justice, and providing support to organizations; strategically using all aspects of music, media, and technology at the grassroots.

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Guest blog by Rebecca Ohnemus, Media Justice League


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