Like many of you, I was inspired by Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC. In a totally non-partisan way of course.

Her use of storytelling and American values about her and her husband’s families living the American Dream – directly connected to policies that matter – was responsible and powerful.

But here’s what was missing. Most of our families work hard, try to do what’s right and play by the rules.

Tales of exceptional people of color overcoming the obstacles to reach their dreams are the exception, and it’s the exceptions that are visible in the public narrative.

What’s invisible – what’s part of the hidden transcript – is what happens when we do everything asked of us but still can’t scale the obstacles.

What happens when the American Dream of opportunity for all doesn’t end in outcomes that change material conditions for all Americans, particularly those pushed to the margins of our economy and democracy?

Investing in opportunity is important, yes, for all generations to follow.

My question is: When will we invest in justice and equity? A nod to that would go a long way to engage unlikely and disillusioned audiences.

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