By Steven Renderos, Center for Media Justice

We now have the opportunity of a lifetime to empower our communities through radio. The Federal Communications Commission has just voted to clear the airwaves and expand community radio across the U.S.! This is our chance to own media that reflects our voices, culture, and stories.

The time is now to take back our the airwaves, SIGN UP NOW to start your own radio station!

Low power FM community radio stations are media outlets that are owned and controlled by nonprofits, as opposed to the corporations that currently dominate our media landscape. Radio has proven to be a powerful organizing tool for decades, and building this communications infrastructure into our toolbox can have long-term benefits for our communities. 

We are proud to announce that we are working with Prometheus Radio Project to support any of you who wish to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. This will likely be the last major spectrum giveaway ever for the radio dial.

Right now is the greatest chance in a generation for communities of color and other marginalized groups to access and own the broadcast airwaves. Community radio combined with new technologies will allow us to have unprecedented local and global impact.  

We believe the payoff of owning and controlling our own broadcast media is well worth the investment. If your group is interested in learning more about community radio and receiving updates, resources, and training information then please SIGN UP for our email list today. Seize the airwaves!

More Information:

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