The Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) is a local-to-local advocacy network of grassroots community organizations working together for media change to end poverty, eliminate racism, and ensure human rights.  

Since it was formulated in 2004, MAG-Net has remained focused on ensuring the public voice and influence of historically marginalized communities in media policy and in the future of our media.  In June of this year, MAG-Net’s Leadership Team held its fourth annual meeting, hosted by regional anchor Main Street Project, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For three days, social justice advocates and leaders from across the country came together to evaluate our current activities and develop network strategies, policy priorities, and campaign goals and tactics for the coming year.

The results of the meeting are chronicled in MAG-Net's annual report.  The report provides a roadmap for MAG-Net members and cohorts as we work together to advance an exciting new vision for media justice.  Please take a look and provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas for how we can forward our shared agenda for movement building and communications power.  For more information about becoming a MAG-Net member, or getting involved with our work in media justice policy, please visit our website-, or email me at [email protected].


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