The following blog post is a cross-post originally featured on the Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice’s website:

As the Radiance Foundation moved from city to city with it’s racist billboard campaign, one thing has been notably absent.  How are people in the community responding?  Several reproductive justice leaders and allies have written moving posts, bloggers have analyzed, journalists have interviewed key leaders from both sides.  But other than very short quotes in the news stories, no one has really spent time on the streets getting the reaction of regular folks walking by.

What does it feel like to see this billboard?

When was the first time you heard the words “Black is beautiful” and what do they mean to you?

What do you think about this campaign? About abortion in the black community?

We asked…check out the moving, insightful answers we received on our YouTube channel. If these move you, please share with your friends and family.  What a powerful reminder: women of color will speak for ourselves, on abortion, strong families, and all things that matter. Deep gratitude for the amazing crew that talked, listened, filmed, and edited: Alicia Walters, Melinda James, Mervyn Marcano, and Shanelle Matthews.


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