Our Unshackling Freedom resource is dedicated to equipping communities impacted by electronic monitoring (EM) with research they can use to build winning campaigns to dismantle digital prisons. We are excited to announce that next year we will be releasing case studies of 15 sites across the country, expanding the research landscape available to local organizations and driving the discourse on exactly why high-tech prisons are an extension, not an alternative to the prison industrial complex.

Research from two of the upcoming case studies are already available via Truthout. These new reports offer an overview of the current state of electronic monitoring and a case study of how people in Federal prisons resisted the tyrannical use of EM and home confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic

Look for more case studies to come in the new year covering New York state, Sacramento, Louisville, Chicago, Tucson and more. Sign up for our email list for updates on the case studies’ release and future Unshackling Freedom resources.

And If you are able, please make a contribution to help us continue generating the research our movements need to transform the harm of digital prisons.


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