For Immediate Release: February 1, 2022

Contact: Christina DiPasquale, [email protected], 202.716.1953

New Short Video Series: “That’s So Black,” Highlighting the Impact of Black Creators on the Internet, Returns for Season 2

Throughout Black History Month, Media Justice’s “That’s So Black” Series Highlights the Role of Black Creators in 90s Nostalgia, Phonk Music, Gaming, and Reality TV 

Every Tuesday this Black History Month, starting on February 7th, MediaJustice will release a new episode of “That’s So Black”, a four-part video series explaining how everything you know and love about the Internet came from Black people. MediaJustice, a national grassroots leader advancing racial, economic, and gender justice in a digital age by fighting for just and participatory platforms for expression, has created “That’s So Black” to share the legacies of Black people who have used the Internet as a tool for connection and liberatory organizing while navigating the many risks and pitfalls of relying on white supremacist and capitalist media platforms.  

Read more about the series here.

MediaJustice will release the four installments of the series every Tuesday morning in February on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Each episode, under 5 minutes each, will share how Black people have always been the earliest adopters of media platforms and how we’ve created Internet culture.

Schedule: “That’s So Black”

  • Tuesday, February 7: 90’s Nostalgia How Black people created the 90s aesthetic–worn and shared online more than 30 years later
  • Tuesday, February 14th: Phonk Music How Black artists created the sounds behind Phonk music–one of the most searched, viewed, and streamed genres
  • Tuesday, February 21st: Gaming How Black video game creators made it possible to build new worlds and find our people online through their inventions
  • Tuesday, February 28th: Reality TV How Black women are carrying reality franchises, despite a long history of reality TV tokenizing, villainizing, and exploiting Black people

Episodes of “That’s So Black” can be streamed and shared from MediaJustice’s YouTube, Twitter, & Instagram accounts. For interviews with Eteng Ettah, host of “That’s So Black,” please contact  Christina DiPasquale at [email protected] or 202.716.1953.


MediaJustice is dedicated to building a grassroots movement for a more just and participatory media—fighting for racial, economic, and gender justice in a digital age. MediaJustice boldly advances communication rights, access, and power for communities harmed by persistent dehumanization, discrimination and disadvantage. Home of the #MediaJusticeNetwork, comprised of more than 100 grassroots partners, we envision a future where everyone is connected, represented, and free.


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