On Wednesday, September 27, we were in Washington, D.C. for the Net Neutrality Day of Advocacy!

The Day of Advocacy was a huge mobilization of advocates traveling from across the U.S. to tell our policymakers that we need an open Internet so our communities can thrive, innovate, and organize for justice.

Center for Media Justice and MAG-Net members Media Mobilizing Project, PhillyCAM, and May First/People Link met with 5 legislators including Senator Tammy Duckworth. We targeted individuals who sit on the Senate Commerce and House Energy & Commerce committees as these are the committees that have oversight over the FCC and would manage any potential Net Neutrality legislation.

We shared the message that Net Neutrality is a racial justice and civil rights issue. Communities of color and our allies need an affordable and open Internet to stay connected with our families across borders and displacement; rise up against police brutality; access educational opportunities; and so much more.

The Day of Advocacy was co-organized by Public Knowledge, CMJ, and our friends at Electronic Frontier Foundation, Common Cause, Consumers Union, Fight for the Future, Free Press Action Fund, and Writers Guild of American West.

Learn more about threats to Net Neutrality by watching a recording of The Battle to Save Net Neutrality, a panel featuring CMJ’s organizing director, Steven Renderos, and former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, among many other brilliant leaders.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest Net Neutrality news as we continue to fight for your rights on the ground in DC and in communities across the country. Stay tuned for more ways to take action!

Our leadership in the Day of Action was possible because of supporters like you. Can you help us keep up the fight for Net Neutrality, in real-time, by pitching in $10? Your generosity goes a long way!


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