As much of the nation is mired in turmoil, we are transitioning in action. Here at the Center for Media Justice, we are excited to announce several changes at the organization that will make our work more effective, grounded, and impactful in the years to come.

First, we’re amplifying racial justice leadership to eliminate the racist drivers of high-tech policing and mass surveillance. I am excited to announce the promotion of media justice leader Steven Renderos to the position of Organizing Director; and to welcome movement leader Chinyere Tutashinda, co-founder of the Blackout Collective and leader within Black Lives Matter Bay Area, to her new position as National Organizer.

Second, we’re expanding our ability to develop the media justice leaders of tomorrow while amplifying the voices of MAG-Net members to address the urgent issues of today.

To that end, please congratulate Danielle Chynoweth in her new role as CMJ’s Communications and Training Director. Danielle will lead our capacity building and communications work through the CultureSHIFT Leaders Program, with support from the newest member of our team: Turner Willman, our Resource and Communications Organizer.

Together, Danielle and Steven will work with our members and partners to strengthen the effectiveness and impact of the Media Action Grassroots Network, with leadership from network Anchors, support from all members of the CMJ staff team, and continued oversight from me.

In a time when technology is used both to help and to hurt – to witness crimes against humanity by the state, as well as to commit those crimes on the state’s behalf – we will continue to organize for the right to connect and the power to communicate, for the purpose of justice.

In solidarity,

Malkia A. Cyril
Executive Director, Center for Media Justice
Co-Founder, Media Action Grassroots Network


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