Communities in Philadelphia and around the country have had it with Comcast.
High prices and constant rate increases.  Bad service and little choice.  Now, Comcast wants to buy Time Warner Cable – which would combine the country’s #1 and #2 cable and internet companies and create a single giant media monopoly.  This means more expensive service, far less competition, and fewer outlets for alternative and independent viewpoints in our communities.
Had enough?

On Wednesday May 21st outside Comcast's shareholders meeting we're putting them to a "Peoples Vote".  So while they vote inside, we'll be outside letting the public decide whether a Comcast-Time Warner merger is in our best interest.  If you're in Philly, join us!
Not in Philly? Your vote still counts.  Join the members of the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) in the #IVoteNo social media creative action. 
Here's what you can do in 3 easy steps to participate:

1.  Write Your Vote On A Sheet of Paper.  If you're a Comcast or Time Warner customer, say that!
2.  Take a Photo of Yourself Holding Up the Sign.  Here's an example:
3.  Share on InstagramTwitter or Facebook AND make sure to include the hashtags #IVoteNo and #CAPComcast.
Sample messages:
Comcast + Time Warner = Disaster! #IVoteNo #CAPComcast

#IVoteNo to Comcast & Time Warner merger #CAPComcast
Comcast Gain = Our Pain #IVoteNo #CAPComcast
Finally, make sure to follow MAG-Net on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


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