By Rob Robinson of People's Production House

Detroit, MI  – They came from all over the country with  Philadelphia’s Media Mobilizing Project flowing as many as twelve deep to Mobile Voices of Los Angeles, sending a single representative to provide a platform whereby thousands of silenced voices could be heard. Resident Detroit legends Invincible and Sterling Toles welcomed all with open arms.  Social justice organizers and independent media makers come together on an annual basis and share ideas, tools and tactics on how to transform communities. This is Allied Media Conference -AMC 2011

This was year number three for yours truly representing Peoples Production House (PPH). PPH is part of the Media Action Grassroots Network or (MAG-NET).  Being a part of the MAG-NET gave me an opportunity to participate in media justice workshops, tackling issues like broadband access, cell-phone literacy and access to radio airwaves. There were workshops on calling cards and the high cost of making a phone call from prison.

Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter allowed youth and senior citizens to learn together in a single space. While I was able to absorb quite a bit of information from the many presenters, the AMC provided me with a platform to share my community organizing skills and those skills I learned as a member of PPH’s Community News Production Institute.

So what did I take away from the AMC? I came away with a better understanding of media justice. I came away with a better foundation as we prepare to challenge our elected officials to create policies that positively impact our communities.  I came away forever connected to people that can make a difference. So as I look back on AMC 2011, I will remember the dancers at the closing plenary. I will remember the creative canvases of art that decorated the lower level of McGregor Hall created by the youth attending the AMC. I will remember the folks of Prometheus Radio Project who made it possible to get over voices out far 


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