section603lilNew Article written by MAG-Net Anchor, Alfredo Lopez, about Provision 603 of the Senate Intelligence Authorization Act. The law, which is going to be passed by the Senate (and probably by the House if we don’t get moving on it) essentially forces Internet providers to turn over any information they believe may be linked to terrorism.

“How much noise does the other shoe make when it drops? If the shoe is a law that would complete the development of a police surveillance state in the United States, it’s almost silent.

Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee quietly sent a bill to the Senate that would require Internet companies (like Twitter and Facebook) and on-line Internet content and service providers (from giants like Comcast to more specialized providers like May First/People Link) to literally become part of the country’s intelligence network by turning over to the government — without any government request — any posts on their systems related to “terrorist activities” and the identities of the posters.”


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