Local campaigns across the country, led by MediaJustice Network members and allied groups, are demanding changes to Comcast’s Internet Essentials plan that would get Black and brown communities connected. National Field Organizer, Brandon Forester, shares how our biggest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are and continue to fail our students during the persisting COVID-19 pandemic.

“When school ended last year, SOMOS realized that many of their fellow Baltimore city schoolmates who’d relied on Comcast’s Internet Essentials discount program didn’t have a connection fast or reliable enough for online school. Whenever they could get into virtual classes, they’d often get kicked off multiple times a day and sometimes multiple times during a single class. Households with multiple students or family members working from home had to schedule who could be online, when and for how long. Families were put in impossible situations, forced to negotiate whose education or work was more important, and who would have to sacrifice and fall behind.”

Brandon Forester via Techdirt


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