Last week, Team #MediaJustice, along with a variety of MediaJustice Network members including 18Million Rising, Media Mobilizing Project, Moms Rising, PhillyCam, Muslim Advocates, MPower Change, and Design Action Collective, touched down in Philly for the Netroots Nation conference to build and strategize ways to strengthen the broader progressive movement. 

Joined by our Voices for Internet Freedom coalition members, Erin Shields, our National Organizer for Internet Rights participated in a panel discussion about the role of racism in fighting for our digital civil rights.

Erin Shields speaking at “Racism and the Struggle for Digital Rights” panel at Netroots.

Steven Renderos, our Co-Director, participated in a press conference hosted by MediaJustice Network member, PhillyCam, to discuss the fight to save community media and take action to prevent the FCC from taking away critical protections for local media.

Beginning at 4:36, watch Steven Renderos’ remarks on the fight to save community media during MediaJustice Network member PhillyCam’s press conference at Netroots.

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