T-Mobile’s planned merger with Sprint is bad news for communities of color—but next week California has a chance to fight back.

Tell the California Public Utilities Commission that you don’t support this mega-merger. 

The two mobile giants are hoping to join forces to remain competitive with the top two brands in the market, AT&T and Verizon. But this play for higher-end customers would be a disaster for our communities.

Fifty-six percent of T-Mobile’s customers are people of color, as are close to half of Sprint’s, and they are disproportionately living on low incomes. The proposed merger will reduce competition for these customers and exacerbate the digital divide—leaving our communities even more disconnected than they already are.

T-Mobile doesn't have us covered.Rising prices may also mean some will have to choose between feeding their families and remaining connected in order to access health care, education, and other resources needed to survive.

Sign the petition now and attend one of the public hearings in Fresno, Los Angeles, or San Diego next week to share your opinion.

  • 1/15 – Fresno – RSVP
  • 1/16 – Los Angeles – RSVP
  • 1/17 – San Diego – RSVP

T-Mobile and Sprint don’t have us covered. Let’s make our voices heard in California. 


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