Sage Crump of Art is Change reflects on the importance to MAG-Net for organizers, artists and cultural workers in the Southeast region.

"Art is Change (AIC) joined MAG-Net because we understand that in order to shift the values and culture of our society towards justice, love and recognition of our human connection we need a network of support.  The relationships and learning built through our involvement have been invaluable both for  AIC and as organization and for the artists and culture workers with whom we engage.

MAG-Net has expanded our reach nationally and deepened our impact locally.  As a MAG-Net member, we are bringing information on national media challenges to our community and organizing events with speakers that we might never have met.  One of the invaluable resources is that ability to see and hear the national discourse on our local issues.  Often we are so focused that we forget to see how the work we are doing locally is having national impact. This is the essence of movement building, the road to sustained culture shift and being a part of MAG-Net helps us get there."


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