Join us for our next MAG-Net Media Justice Salon on prison abolition: Abolition in the Digital Age on November 29 at 3 pm EST!

Abolition began as a movement to end the institution of chattel slavery and liberate indigenous land. Although abolitionists achieved what were once unimaginable victories, the movement continues today in the fight to abolish the prison-industrial complex.

From surveillance devices to predictive policing, the use of technology in law enforcement has expanded mass incarceration and is shaping how communities are organizing for liberation.

Hear from the following speakers about working with an abolitionist lens:

  • Hamid Khan – coordinator of MAG-Net member Stop LAPD Spying Coalition
  • Mariame Kaba – founder and director of Project NIA
  • Ricardo Levins Morales – award-winning artist and organizer with MPD150

Learn how abolitionists are forging movements to dismantle mass incarceration and the systems that uphold it. RSVP for free to join Abolition in the Digital Age!


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