Ren is the DJ hosted by CMJ's own DJ Ren (aka Steven Renderos) kicks off it's debut podcast with a two-part discussion with Minneapolis-based DJ/producer BK-One. In Part 1, BK-One aka Brendan Kelly talks about his involvement with Twin Cities Community Radio, how he came to be Brother Ali's DJ and the role of the Internet for independent artists.

In part 2 of DJ Ren's interview with BK-One (Brendan Kelly), we revisit the creative process that led to the album Radio do Canibal, Then Brendan shares his current collaborations as well as a sweet anecdote involving Pharrell Williams, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

Holla at BK-One:
Twitter: @bk_one

Podcast Music courtesy of Brandon Allday 

Track: "I Can Smell My Neighbors Grilling"
Soundcloud Page: @brandonallday


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