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On Monday, November 28th two local TV news operations, Channel 4 KOB and Channel 7 KOAT reported that a City employee had unintentionally given out confidential documents related to the procurement process for the public access channels in Albuquerque. The news broadcasts added that this employee has suffered a reprisal from City administrators as a result. Why was this woman put on leave for giving out public information?

Quote…Unquote, Inc., as the recipient of these documents wishes to know why these public documents are listed as confidential. Quote…Unquote, Inc. made a formal request in writing under the State of New Mexico’s Inspection of Public Records Act to see specific correspondence, all of which is related in one manner or the other to Quote…Unquote, Inc. and the Request for Proposals which we are involved in.  The news segments presented the City’s view that this delivery of the documents was inappropriate. Why was utilization of the Inspection of Public Records Act inappropriate? What Quote…Unquote, Inc. asked for is public property.
In order for the City Council to proceed with a vote on whether to ratify the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee regarding the contracts, they will also need to read the proposals to make an informed decision. Does the City Council have access to these proposals? This must happen before they take a vote. Is this information being withheld from the City Council?
A spokesperson for the City mentioned that “trade secrets” might be revealed from the release of these documents. We contend that having an open bidding process is in the public’s interest. These channels are public property, not private copyrighted products. These channels belong to the people of Albuquerque and they have the right to see what any bidder has proposed for the stewardship of their property. Quote…Unquote, Inc. has no problem whatsoever with sharing its proposal publicly to the people of our community so that they will know how we intend to serve them. They can go straight to our web site and read our proposal. We encourage the public to look at the proposals and provide feedback. Why should any of the other bidders be afraid of the public seeing their proposals?
In our proposal to the City, we advocated for a community needs assessment to be conducted thereby surveying the community. This assessment would serve to let the people of Albuquerque have a voice. We will continue to advocate for this needs assessment. This issue at hand is not about one company or the other controlling these channels but is about ensuring that real access to using these channels will be within the reach of everyone in this City.
Why is the current procurement process so secretive?
Contact : Steve Ranieri or Erica Jones at 505-243-0027 or [email protected]
Save the Dates
City Council Meetings
Monday, December 5th and December 19th at 5pm
(Be especially ready on Dec 19th for public comment, which you should be signed up by 4:45. At this meeting, it is most likely that our RFP situation will be addressed. Strength in numbers!) 
Cable Franchise and Hearing Board Public Meeting
Monday, December 12th at 3pm
*These meetings are held in the Griego Chambers of 1 Civic Plaza.
We encourage our supporters to sign up for public comment for both of these public meetings.
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