During the COVID-19 pandemic, incarcerated organizers found themselves facing new threats and building new alliances to free one another during the global health crisis. The rushed, hamfisted response of federal prisons to expand the use of electronic monitoring (EM) upended the lives of many and imposed severe barriers to basic healthcare. This latest report from James Kilgore and Victoria Law is a case study of resistance, community organizing, and the urgency need to curtail EM’s spread.

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“This was yet another episode of the pandemic as played out inside U.S. prisons. For [Dawn] Brooks, it all started with a life-and-death battle between the BOP and a highly organized force of impacted people, led by women incarcerated in the federal prison at Danbury, Connecticut. Along the way, a host of progressive lawyers and nonprofit activists had become a support team for Brooks and her fellow incarcerated organizers.”

James Kilgore & Victoria Law via Truthout


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