happybirthdayHere are 13 reasons to join MAG-Net’s Membership Assembly, June 16th in Detroit

  1. Meet awesome people doing great work
  2. Celebrate our collective victories this year (there were lots!)
  3. Deepen our collective knowledge of #MediaJustice
  4. Highlander Research & Education Center is the (dope) leader of our convening
  5. Stay for the Allied Media Conference and connect with queer, trans, black and brown folks using media to incite change
  6. Detroit is a city of hope and post-capitalist vision – come be inspired
  7. Come hang out with us.
  8. Speak up about your local issues and connect them to national conversations
  9. See the premiere of our new video featuring many of you
  10. Learn about forefront media justice campaigns to address poverty and policing
  11. Influence the direction of MAG-Net
  12. Feed your need for inspiration
  13. It’s fun!!!

If you have any questions about this year’s gathering or AMC please contact our membership Organizer Angella Bellota: [email protected]

Hope to see you there!


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