“To be experienced as humorous, the subversive frame must be non-threatening or at most mildly threatening to the hearer’s core sense of identity and values:  incongruities that contradict or undermine core values will be experienced as alienating, even hostile or outrageous, but not as humorous.”

—David Ritchie in “Frame-Shifting in Humor and Irony”

 One year after the emergence of Occupy Wall Street and the countless occupy and 99% memes and catchphrases since then ranging from all matters social justice to t-shirts by Jay-Z, online shopping, South Park and so much more, I wanted to take a moment to show some of my favorite examples of how Occupy humor has been used to subvert power and the police, win audiences, and generally poke fun.

Angry Cop Cat

Dear Capitalism. . .

Fishing for Cops With Donuts

Hipster Cop

Bert Arrested During Occupy

Pepper Spray Constitution-Hongwan Liu

virgen de guadalupe-pepperspray

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