Net neutrality was repealed today – what’s next? We’ll continue to fight the repeal in the streets, the courts, and Congress.

It’s important to situate this repeal inside of a broader strategy to consolidate media, limit dissenting speech, and line the wallets of corporations. This is not a fight for the ‘internet’ but for our

CMJ Internet Rights Organizer, Erin Shields, speaking at today’s Net Neutrality Wake Up Call rally held at FCC headquarters in Washington, DC.

fundamental right to communicate with each other without corporate interference.

Moments ago, Sen. Ed Markey along with Rep. Mike Doyle announced their plan to introduce a Congressional Review Act (CRA). A CRA only needs a simple majority in congress to pass and blocks the regulations from being implemented – it also blocks similar regulations from being voted on at the FCC in the future.

At the same time, media advocacy, public interest, and legal advocacy groups like Center for Media Justice are planning on taking the FCC to court. The foundation of the repeal is on incredibly weak legal ground and it is likely we will win in this arena.

Finally, it’s important that every day users of the internet make sure congressional members who stood aimlessly while our digital civil rights were repealed feel this in 2018 midterms. Let’s organize organize organize!

We lost this particular fight but the struggle is not over. Donate to CMJ now to support the battle for internet freedom.


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