Musician, writer and producer Erin McKeown has just finished her latest album and is raising money to pay for manufacturing, marketing and promotion.  

Being the awesome person she is, Erin has graciously decided to donate a portion of the proceeds once she hits her target to the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net).

Erin has been in the music scene since the late 90s and has spent time touring throughout the world with artists such as Ani DiFranco, Josh Ritter, the Indigo Girls, Martin Sexton, Andrew Bird, Thea Gilmore, Melissa Ferrick, Allison Miller, and others.  Her first album, "Distillation", received high praise and signaled the debut of singular talent. It has been followed by 7 full length albums, 3 EPs, an upcoming concert film, and a groundbreaking Internet concert series. From elegant pop to balls-out rock, sweet electronics to witty swing, Erin has packed a ton of music into a substantial career. 

Erin wants our help and in return she wants to help us in the fight to transorm media for positive social change!

Make your donation at today – let’s help Erin make her first music video!

Read on for a message from Erin herself.

New Album Campaign + 1st Music Video!

my new album is finished, but now i need your pledge to manufacture and promote it and make my first music video

hello everyone!

for the last year i’ve been working on my next studio project. bit by bit, here and there, 16 different musicians in 9 different studios have helped me complete my ninth album. it has 10 original songs with a full band, horn section, string section, and loads of guest singers. i think it turned out pretty darn special.

i’ve paid for all of this myself by saving every penny i could and spending wisely. but now, as you can see in my video, i only have the resources to put out a tiny record. but the music and themes on this album are BIG! i want to be able to match it with a great campaign so as many people as possible have an opportunity to hear it.

this is where you come in! i’m raising money here to pay for manufacturing, marketing, promotion, and most importantly my first music video. in 10+ years of putting out records, i’ve never made a real music video. the more we raise, the more i can do to spread this music..

over here —> i’ve got some exciting treats to thank you for your pledge. there’s everything from signed packaging, to pledger-only tshirts, to some fun hangouts with me. i’m even offering the dress i wore on the cover of my first album, distillation.

as always with pledgemusic, a portion of what we raise goes to a deserving non-profit. i’ve chosen the Media Action Grassroots Network. MAG-Net helps further social justice issues through changes in media policy. we should all have a chance to participate equally in the digital world, and the way we use technology can be a portal to talk about and change how we treat each other.

by pledging you’ll have access to exclusive updates- including being the first to know the album title and release date, and actually having music in your hand before anyone else.

so, the more we can raise, the more this tiny record can grow into something HUGE. i know we can do this, and i am so excited to see how far we can go.

thank you!!
x erin m


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