Spring has sprung, and it’s a time of birth, hope and planting seeds for the future. As your organization or alliance begins to take action, it’s always a good time to refine and ensure you are ready to evaluate your communications strategies.

Today, CMJ is proud to bring you Measuring Impact: An Organizer’s ToolKit to Evaluate Communications Effectiveness.

Measuring Impact
introduces readers to a movement-building approach to communications evaluation. Whether you’re working on access to healthy food, equitable land use and recreation, or any other justice issue, you can use the set of tools in this kit to evaluate the degree of impact your communications work is having, and to improve communications plans. With winning media strategies and ways to track gains and change, organizers can saturate markets with their frames and messages, and become powerful media leaders and sources.

We also want to take the time to point you to our strategic communications tools and services.

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Measuring Impact


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