The Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) stands in solidarity with the people in Baltimore and feel the deep pain, hurt and anguish that the community is going through. We call for an end to media bias that fuels and justifies the killing of black and brown bodies.

Here are statements of solidarity and analysis from our MAG-Net members.

Carlton Turner, Alternate ROOTS

“Alternate ROOTS stands in solidarity with the people of Baltimore that are displaying their humanity for the themselves while the world watches. The people of this city are strong, intelligent, and highly capable of creating a holistic healthy community that nurtures and values their body and spirit. It is important in these times to remember that what happens in Baltimore today, left unchecked, will be a reality in your community tomorrow. Oppression is not isolated to one city or community or street, it is an infection that is spread by white supremacy, greed, and an unquenchable thirst for power that feeds this virus. Alternate ROOTS is committed to working with our member artists and cultural organizers in Baltimore and across the south to address this systemic oppression. “

Tracy Rosenberg, Media Alliance

“In Baltimore and across the country, people aren’t buying the tired false equivalency that police violence is tolerable and riot violence isn’t. All violence rips lives and communities apart. Police violence against unarmed black people must stop now.”

Alfredo Lopez, May First/People Link

“The manipulation of images and the campaign designed to shift the blame and distort the narrative won’t work. The video and communications technology the human race has developed tells the real story: once again police murdered a young black man as they have done so often in the cities of this country for so very long. As organizers of that technology and part of the movement that uses it, we stand with the people of Baltimore in their justifiable demand: admit the truth, stop attacking the real victim and punish the real criminals.”

Jennifer L. Pozner, Women In Media & News

“News coverage laced with bigotry and sensationalism is misinforming Americans about the nature and meaning of the Baltimore demonstrations. Women In Media & News calls on national print and broadcast media to stop equating vandalism (against property) with violence (against people). Further, WIMN calls for news media to stop discussing violence only in the context of actions allegedly taken by protesters, rather than reporting vigorously on violence by law enforcement against unarmed citizens. The people of Baltimore are exercising their right to express their anger at fatal police violence against Freddie Gray, and at how devastatingly widespread violence by law enforcement is against men and women of color throughout the country. Baltimore’s protestors are demanding accountability to their community, justice for Freddy Gray, and an end to state-supported murder of innocent Black Americans. Corporate media have misrepresented and demonized thousands of peaceful protesters, and journalists owe it to Baltimore — and to their national readership and viewership — to do better”


We call for an end to media bias that fuels and justifies the killing of black and brown bodies.


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