Anchoring our Southwest Region, Southwest Workers’ Union (SWU) is an organization of low-income workers and families, community residents, and youth, united in one organizational struggle for worker rights, environmental justice and community empowerment.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, SWU empowers and organizes its 2,500 members through education, leadership development, and direct action. The aim is to build multi-generational grassroots power to create sustainable systemic change for social, economic, and environmental justice and to build the movement for dignity and justice.

Most recently, SWU took on a South Texas Get Out the Vote Campaign, successfully reaching 16,000 voters in Bexar and Medina Counties, utilizing technology and tools to reach crucial voters in highly contested congressional swing districts.

To learn more about SWU and their work with MAG-Net, check out some blogs by Laura Muraida, Mass Base Organizer for SWU:

Why Electoral Politics?

"Facebook and Your Privacy" May 3 event at NYU (scroll down to read her blog)

MAG-Net Anchors Meeting Day 3

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