Our MAG-Net member, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) is working on a social media campaign to shift the dialogue around this upcoming Veteran's day, from one that implicitly supports war by avoiding any conversations of its costs towards a frank conversation on how U.S. militarism tears at the fabric that bonds our communities and has real impacts on peoples lives. 

We invite all of our MAG-Net members and allies to join in this social media dialogue.

Our intention is to have this be an opportunity for your organization to discuss the ways that militarization is connected to your organizing work, life experiences, and how moving past it is connected to your vision for a better future. 

Hashtags We Are Using:

  • #warathome – Because these conversations and experiences are both different and interconnected we wanted to use this as a means of linking narratives around the destructive affects of militarism on our communities and reappropriating language used against us (war on drugs, crime, terror, etc.)
  • #righttoheal We want to include our allies overseas affected by militarism also and will use this  as a means of highlighting the need to heal from militarism related trauma and the work that we are currently doing with grassroots Iraqi organizations to hold the US accountable.   
  • #beyondsupportourtroops – Support our troops has become a slogan without meaning. It silences a debate around the war by painting anyone that dare question it as anti-troop. It’s time to move past empty slogans and truly honor our service members and veterans by pulling them out of destructive conflicts without end or purpose.
  • #veteransday – Use this hashtag to help highlight the costs of war and to help envision a better future where sacrifice isn't necessary.table.

Find out more information here, we will launch in a big way on November 11th. If you are interested in this campaign and would like more information please email us at [email protected].



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