On November 18, the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net)  and Voices for Racial Justice hosted the Media Justice Salon, Towards Decarceration: Can Media and Technology Challenge the Status Quo? In late October, 6,000 people were released from federal prison as part of a large scale push for decarceration in the U.S., which incarcerates more of its people than any other nation. In the face of this bipartisan move toward shrinking the prison population, this webinar examined: will technology and media advance the status quo or challenge it?

Our featured speakers answered network member questions on the role of media and media representation, and its impact on policy efforts, and shared more on what the push for decarceration means for returning citizens – especially with the over reliance on electronic monitoring as a substitute for incarceration.

MAG-Net members learned how powerful advocates can be in helping to shape the narrative and policy direction of decarceration in order to maintain a people-centric framework when addressing mass incarceration.

Featured Speakers:

If you missed Towards Decarceration: Can Media and Technology Challenge the Status Quo? please check out the presentation recording

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Advocacy and Organizing:

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Previously known as Digital Dialogues, Media Justice Salon’s are interactive webinars that highlight top line media and communication policy issues that impact our communities. Media Justice Salons are a great educational opportunity for network members to learn more about critical media issues, connect with leaders in the field, and to find out how to take action.

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