Check out these sessions, caucuses, and events that feature MAG-Net members, partners and allies. Stay in touch during the conference – Join the Twitter Conversation by following us @mediaaction and Tag #mediajustice #AMC2013


10:00AM – 5:00PM

Nation Inside Network Gathering – Room: McGregor F/G/H

Nation Inside Network Gathering will focus on building communication capacity and grassroots power within the platform’s partner campaigns, which represent local, state, and federal efforts to address the U.S. criminal justice system. Presenters include: Nick Szuberla, Working Narratives; Keith DeBlasio, Nation Inside.


9:00AM – 10:30AM

Re-rooting the Motor City – Room: Hilberry A

With a critical lens on race and class dynamics, this documentary weaves together segments on Detroit’s labor history, the budding urban agriculture movement, a critical look at philanthro-capitalism and its relationship to redevelopment as well as media (mis)representations of a city in transformation. Presenters include: Nadia Mohamed, Paper Tiger TV; Adrienne Silverman, Paper Tiger TV; Amanda Matles, Paper Tiger TV;  Charity Hicks, Detroit Food Justice Task Force; Shea Howell, Boggs Center, Michigan Citizen.


Cultural Tradition Empowering Organizing – Room: Education 300

Dia De Los Muertos re-awakens the vote? Yes. Through Young Women United's organizing around Dia De Los Muertos, participants will explore how collectively engaging in cultural traditions from the intersections of our identities strengthens a campaign.  Presenters include: Circle of Strength, Young Women United; Sakile Hill-Copeland, Young Women United; Amarisa Barboa, Young Women United; Angel Ballejos, Young Women United.


Speaking Up/Out for Ourselves – Room: Education 189

Have you ever felt silenced within the progressive movement or seen electoral politics stifle the real heart and soul of an issue? We will explore how to use storytelling to build power, unpack key policy issues, and lift up community voices. Presenters include: Erick Bousted, Line Break Media; Vina Kay, Organizing Apprenticeship Project; Hana Worku.

2:00PM – 3:30PM

Democratic Place Making in Jackson, MS – Room: Education 189

A team of multicultural young activists, organizers and young professionals from the Jackson community will share stories of work, working together and organizing a movement to democratize education for placemaking in their beloved community. Presenters include: Albert Sykes, Young Peoples Project; George “Chuck” Patterson, Tougaloo College; Joecephus Martin, ADAM Society; Crystal T. Mattison, IDEA; Noel Didla, IDEA.

4:00PM – 5:30PM

Birth, Parenting Justice Sharing Circle – Room: Art Ed 154

We collectively possess the knowledge, experiences and intuition to be supporters as change-makers in our movement towards birth and parenting justice. Let's share how past and present communities helped provide us with these valuable tools. Presenters include: Esperanza Dodger, Young Women United; Clarissa Ibarra, Young Women United.

4:00PM – 5:30PM

Protecting Human Rights Online and Offline – Room: Hilberry B

Participants in this session will identify strategies for creating a culture of tolerance online, combatting online trolls and bullies who abuse the power of global interconnectedness. Presenters include: Alfredo Lopez, May First/ People Link; Shawna Finnegan, Association for Progressive Communications; Jordan McCarty, Open Technology Institute; Mallory Knodel, May First/ People Link; Emi Kane, INCITE.

4:00PM – 5:30PM

Technology, Organizing, and Surveillance – Room: Education 300

In this session, we will engage participants in conversation and popular education exercises designed to confront the shifting digital terrain of surveillance and privacy. Presenters include: Nat Meysenburg, Open Technology Institute, May First/ People Link; Emi Kane, INCITE; Seeta Gangadharan, Open Technology Institute. 


 9:00AM – 10:30AM

Tools for Power Part 1: Power Analysis – Room: Education 189

Get hands-on experience with Power Analysis, Participatory Research, Mapping, & Digital Storytelling. Part 1 Introduces Power Analysis as a tool for campaign development and strategy. Presenters include: Pedro Joel Espinosa, IDEPSCA; Gloria Medina, Strategic Concepts in Organizing & Policy Education; Christine Schweidler, Data Center; Janice Burns, Advancement Project; Saba Waheed, UCLA Labor Center.

2:00PM – 3:30PM

Fighting for Prisoner Communication – Room: Education 300

Using shared strategies and media, presenters will hold an open space of communication and continuing to bring visibility to the critical need to empower those who are incarcerated and activists who support them on the outside.  Presenters include: Steven Renderos, Center for Media Justice; Brian Dolinar, Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center; Rachel Storm, Women’s Resource Center; Ricardo Diaz, Champaign Urbana Immigrant Forum; Erin Marshall, Decarcerate PA.

 4:00PM – 5:30PM

Tools for Power Part 2: Surveys – Room: McGregor J

Part 2 explores using research to build power and have impact. In small hands-on group sessions, participants will hit the streets to make maps, collect stories and survey! Presenters include: Pedro Joel Espinosa, IDEPSCA; Gloria Medina, Strategic Concepts in Organizing & Policy Education; Christine Schweidler, Data Center; Janice Burns, Advancement Project; Saba Waheed, UCLA Labor Center.

4:00PM – 5:30PM

Facing Race: Strategies for Storytelling – Room: Art Ed 157

In this interactive session, we’ll analyze media representations & share strategies for crafting frames & stories through a racial justice lens. Come with a story & desire to sharpen its racial justice bent. Presenters include: Nadia Mohamed, Paper Tiger TV/ Applied Research Center; Nayantara Sen, Applied Research Center; Jamilah King, Applied Research Center.

5:30PM – 7:30PM

MAG-Net and Free Press Mixer – Room: McGregor L/M

Join MAG-Net and Free Press for a Media Policy for Love and Justice mixer.  Join us for light refreshments and music.  Hang out with friends and allies working for media reform and media justice and learn about the work we do together.  All are welcome.



Narratives of Immigration and Detention – Room: Hilberry B

It's time to compose a narrative that links and forecasts the practices behind targeting of immigrants to the "tough on crime" expansion of the early 90's. We will explore how we can push this dialogue into as many channels of communication as possible. Presenters include: Christina Mansfield, CIVIC; Lex Steppling, Equal Justice USA; Aura Bogado, The Nation.


Mobile Community Media Making with Vojo – Room: McGregor J

We will explore the ways that different groups have been building community and campaigns with Vojo and will create our own stories and groups. Presenters include: Pedro Joel Espinosa, IDEPSCA; Grace Tuttle, Sandy Storyline; Becky Hurwitz, MIT Center for Civic Media; Adita Mehta, 21 Days Cambridge; Sascha Costanza-Chock, MIT Center for Civic Media.


Making and Measuring: Multimedia Trainings – Room: Education 204

Detroit and Philadelphia won sizable federal grants to implement free computer centers and digital literacy training programs that put the tools of media production in the hands of poor and working people. The on-the-ground work to empower communities with media skills and access in Detroit and Philadelphia will pair with evaluation and research findings regarding program impact. Presenters include: Bryan Mercer, Media Mobilizing Project; Ammerah Saidi, Detroit Future Schools; Kristine Carolan, Open Technology Institute; Jessica Crowell, Rutgers University.


Reclaiming the Tech – Room: McGregor B/C

Historically, women and people of color have made huge contributions to human technology, yet "techie" culture is overwhelming white and male. What is a "techie" anyway? Deconstruct the ways in which oppression is built-in to the ways we teach, use, design, and talk about technology, while building alternative models. Presenters include: Alfredo Lopez, May First/ People Link; Tomas Aguilar, Progressive Technology Project; Rita Mendez, Florida Immigration Center; Stephanie Alarcon, The Hacktory.


Seize the FM Airwaves: Community Radio! – Room: Hilberry C

The largest expansion of community radio in U.S. history is happening now. This workshop will offer tools and info to start a community radio station this year or support groups in your networks to get on the air. Presenters include: Jeff Rousset, Prometheus Radio Project; Ana Martina, Prometheus Radio Project.


Sustaining our Resources in the Movement – Room: Education 300

We will explore the current issues of sustainability and tensions within the nonprofit industrial complex impacting many community organizations and groups who are struggling to stay funded. Presenters include: Ryan Li Dahlstrom, GIFT; Betty Yu, Center for Media Justice; Jenny Lee, Allied Media Project.


Nation Inside: Narrative Campaigns for Justice – Room: McGregor J

Learn important media management, database, communication, and strategies for successful campaign management through this interactive workshop on using the Nation Inside ( platform. Presenters include: Nick Szuberla, Working Narratives; Vikki Law, WORTH; Kymberlie Quong Charles, Grassroots Leadership


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