By Betty Yu

On Friday, March 25th 2011 I took a train to Philadelphia to show my support for MAG-Net acnhor member Media Mobilzing Project's (MMP) sustainer party and launch of their 6 computer centers through out the city through the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant.  

I was honored to be on their host committee and participate in such an inspiring evening that brought together a multi-racial and intergenerational group of about 350 people to celebrate, through collective spirit, music, performances, cultural products and great food!

MMP has a lot to celebrate -6 new Network Centers across the City, a new space in a beautiful church and their Sustainer Program that honors everyone who has committed to invest in their local media justice movement on a monthly basis. 

Representatives from Free Press, the Media and Democracy Coalition, Prometheus Radio Project, New America Foundation, PhillyCam, Center for Media Justice, and MAG-Net were also in attendance.

According to MMP, this Network Center Launch marked a significant moment for the organization as they build momentum for their March 30th Campaign for Nonviolent Schools action. MMP stands with the new nonviolent student movement in Philadelphia that connects the interests of students, workers, families and communities across color lines and language barriers. 

I brought my still camera and audio recorder and created this simple short piece on the event:



For more info: or call them at 215-821-9632. 












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