The communications world is changing, no doubt. But some of the rules can still be the same: Strategic stories and savvy spokespeople can amplify a cause, publication or campaign fight and shift public debate on critical justice issues.

Last week, CMJ’s communications specialist, Karlos Gauna Schmieder, held a spokesperson training and prep session with 20 of Chinese Progressive Association’s (CPA) members and staff as they prepared to launch “Check, Please!,” a groundbreaking report examining the health and working conditions in San Francisco China town restaurants.

“In one workshop CMJ helped our leaders get a grasp of the current media landscape and the key elements to being an effective spokesperson, and got them ready to tell their stories the press,” said Shaw San Liu, an organizer at CPA.

“Prepping our worker leaders made a huge difference to help deal with reporters and stay on message. For our members, it was a bit counter-intuitive to not answer reporters’ questions directly and to use each question as a chance to deliver our message. The practice and training was super timely, useful and relevant.”

See some of the coverage CPA garnered below:

Bay Area ABC7

KTVU – Study: Chinatown Food Workers Paid Minuscule Wages

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