CMJ, along with our partners at smartMeme, the Praxis Project, Progressive Communicators Network and more convened a “Peoples’ Movement Assembly” at this year’s US Social Forum in Detroit as part of a movement building participatory research project to define a media policy and media narrative agenda for social movements in the US.

The following is the synthesis resolution that came out of the process:

Media Justice, Communications, Culture and Technology Summary/Synthesis Resolution:

“As communicators, media justice advocates, social justice organizers, cultural workers, artists, media makers, and technologists we believe the power to communicate, and therefore the power to transform society, belongs to everyone.

We call for full access, rights and power to use all forms of media, communications and technology to democratize the distribution and production of information, culture and knowledge.

With an emphasis on reframing core movement goals and identified framing threats, we commit to working together to build meaningful, powerful stories to build a powerful movement for democratic social change, human rights and racial and economic justice.

Further, we commit to work together to deepen collaboration to realize the goals set forward by each PMA and the PMA process.”

*See the “living” resolution posted at!

**Special thanks to all those who participated and facilitated small groups. Full acknowledgements to come with full resolution.

A Movement Agenda for Narrative Power: USSF PMA


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