Help Team #MediaJustice Imagine a New Future

It’s hard to keep dreaming when you’re under attack — when your communities are being surveilled and silenced, and technology is being used to criminalize and incarcerate those around you.

That’s exactly why we need the vision and inspiration of the leaders in the Media Action Grassroots Network. And they are prepared to provide it, as they come together in Detroit at the Allied Media Conference next month to create an action plan for continued resistance. But they need your help to get there.

Will you pitch in to help these leaders imagine a new future?

We’ve launched a fundraising campaign for the Media Justice Action Fund – which allows the Center for Media Justice to support local, grassroots racial justice organizing for media and technology rights. Your gift will not only help leaders of color travel to the Allied Media Conference next month, but if we reach our goal, your dollars will fund digital security trainings and media justice convenings in cities across the United States.

Instead of backing down, we’re uniting to strategize and strengthen how we continue to protect our digital civil rights in the Trump era. In the past month alone this media justice network has helped win the Net Neutrality vote in the Senate and pushed Facebook to engage in a major civil rights audit. These are important victories, but leaders on the frontlines need to be given the creative and collaborative space to continue to win. You can make that happen.

Donate now to help Team #MediaJustice come together, dream big, and win the future.


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