After a summer of nationwide protests against unchecked state violence brutalizing Black people in America, Amazon’s ever-escalating push to make itself indispensable to daily police work is drawing fresh scrutiny from a host of leading civil rights advocates. In an exclusive piece, Gizmodo delves into our #BreakUpWithAmazon campaign launch.

“The uprisings have been heard loud and clear: we want a world beyond police. Each of us has a responsibility to usher in that new world by defending Black lives, and that responsibility includes divesting from the massive culture of racism, violence, and surveillance that uphold the police state status quo.”

Myaisha Hayes via Gizmodo

“For us, I think we see the scale of their partnerships getting to a place now where they’re touching almost 10 percent of the nation’s law enforcement agencies,” [Steven] Renderos said. “What we’re most concerned with, the doomsday scenario, is that you have essentially a built-out apparatus of surveillance at the neighborhood level all across the country.”

Steven Renderos via Gizmodo


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