By Nadia Mohamed of Deep Dish TV

Re-contextualizing migrant justice issues within other struggles for democracy and equality involves the recognition that media representation and access to communication technologies is a constitutive factor in how we understand and respond to the realities of migration.

Some collaborative grassroots fundraising with our allies at Paper Tiger TV and People’s Production House enabled the Uprooted team to connect with amazing media folks and social justice organizers at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. Working with innovative organizers who are dedicated to amplifying the voices of those edited out of mainstream media has underlined the importance of facilitating a multiplatform media project by and for the migrant justice movement.

Participating in the conference taught us more about the potential AT&T – T-Mobile merger and how it would specifically target low income communities of color, especially Latin@s. We learned more about the prison phone justice movement and began brainstorming ideas for creating media tools for similar campaigns in detention centers.



What’s inspiring about the AMC is that while there is no shortage of panels dedicated to sharing knowledge and policy analysis– there is also a free flowing energy of innovation and response. We’re not just railing against the system, we’re actively building a new one based on mutual association and collaboration. It is a space where innovators like Vozmob can share an exciting new platform that allows migrant workers to easily document and distribute their stories with mobile phone technology. Check out this video to get a better sense of this cool new platform.



 In the spirit of radical DIY media that Deep Dish TV pioneered and that Uprooted embodies, Vozmob uses accessible technology to enable migrant communities and their allies to represent themselves! Consider using this platform as a means to contribute media to Uprooted! Learn more about getting involved with Uprooted!


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