On May 24, the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) hosted a Media Justice Salon, From Fake News to Real News: Making Truth Go Viral. We discussed the importance for our communities to discuss the roots of fake news in white nationalism, and how it increases hate speech and violence against people of color.

During the Media Justice Salon, our invited guests from Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Free Press, Democracy Fund, and Media Consortium went deeper into the historic relationship between media and white nationalism, such as ownership of radio stations by the Ku Klux Klan or the use of newspapers to incite violence against Black communities in the South during Reconstruction. We also examined the strategies for pushing back against these hurtful narratives and the opportunities for resistance that an open Internet provides us. Together, we identified ways to decipher fake news and how we can all play a role in making truth go viral.  

If you missed From Fake News to Real News, make sure to check out the presentation recording and learn more about our featured speakers:

Want to read more about this topic? Check out our From Fake News to Real News resources:

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Media Justice Salons are interactive webinars that highlight top line media and communication policy issues that impact our communities. Media Justice Salons are a great educational opportunity for network member organizations to learn more about critical media issues, connect with leaders in the field, and find out how to take action. Want to learn more about how your organization can join an upcoming Media Justice Salon? Please contact Angella Bellota, Membership Organizer: [email protected]


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